03 avril 2019

Visit in australia

Hello guys ,hollydays we leave for australia. For ready to start wel leave to airport london heathrow for arrive in airport darwin




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The first days

(airport of canberra)

the first place what we have seen is canberra ,canberra is beautiful city.

Canberra is capital of australia,we have visited galery nationnal of australia


Tasmania devil


The second days

We have gone a safari in rainforest ,the first part everything was going , but we stopped ourselves because

there was a tsmania devil. The tasmania devil is a primitive creature.

the types of tasmania devil is the only of the genus scarphofilus (types of marsupiaux).


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Then we went back to the capitalto see if there was activity to do and we have an interesting activity, is scuba diving 



Scuba diving

The scuba diving is scourge intersting because his self under the surface of the ocean.

we have go to the scuba diving of queensland  

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On another trip we saw red merou, the ray greaterthan us and shark but the most interesting is wen we saw

the australian swimming chanpions swim IAN THORPE this tour whit us.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ian thorpe" He told us about is recordand it's gold medal.

Then we leave a Canberra.

The third days

the third days is the last days and was he had some moneyleft we decided to rent a sport car for the days

The car is a corvette C7

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was traveling in australia was great and filled with a suprise.


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